Eagle Pledge For America

Our pledge is simple . . . and incredibly patriotic.    Here is the pledge:

"I love the United States of America and the American people."

"I therefore pledge to protect the American people and the Constitution."

"I also pledge that I will not carry out a false flag attack, help others to carry out a false flag attack, and that I will do everything lawful within my power to stop others from conducting a false flag attack."

We invite you to sign the pledge, and to have others sign as well. You can find a simple pledge card to print out and sign here (print out on thick paper, and then cut on the dotted line).

We encourage you to approach people from all walks of life -- politicians, police officers and military personnel, as well as business people and others -- with the pledge. After all, we all have a strong interest in protecting our Constitution and American lives.

Please scan in your completed pledge cards and email them to us at the email provided on our "Contact Us" page. Alternatively, you can sign the pledge online (remember, both civilians and government employees can sign).


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