Eagle Pledge For America

Newest Hero

Welcome to our friends in the military, law enforcement and intelligence communities. We applaud you for serving and protecting America and the American people.

What makes America great is the vision of our Founding Fathers, our Constitution, and our freedom and liberty. Pledging to defend the Constitution and the American people is a sacred oath.

If you haven't yet learned about the history of "false flag" terror by countries such as Russia and Indonesia, we invite you to start by reading this. One of the authors of this website is an attorney and former law school professor, who was himself shocked to learn of the concept of false flags.

If, after reading the information on this website, you do not believe that governments have carried out false flag attacks, or you do not believe that a false flag attack could ever be carried out in America, then you should not hesitate to sign the pledge. In other words, if you do not believe that anyone would ever carry out a false flag in America, then you should have no problem pledging not to support such an attack yourself. If you don't believe in it, then you won't be giving up anything by agreeing not to do it. Isn't that true?

If you do believe that false flag attacks have been carried out before, then you must check your conscience, your family commitments, your oath, and choose between America and fascism. Because a false flag attack will lead to fascism in the United States.

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